Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re curious about your financial future. Given the amount of financial uncertainty, it is not uncommon to look into different avenues to grow and seek to preserve your wealth. So, why use a wealth management service? Let’s first dive into what wealth management is exactly.

What is wealth management?

If you’ve looked up wealth management online, it is likely you received differing definitions of the term. We believe wealth management includes the formation of a wealth-building plan to reinforce your livelihood as well as your future goals and endeavors. The process includes breaking down your current accounts and expenses as well as mapping out your financial future.

How does wealth management work?

Wealth management advisors work with you to help optimize your wealth and improve your financial plan. At Winthrop Wealth we start considering every aspect of what we call the 7 pillars, including financial planning, investment management, tax planning, insurance planning, legacy and estate planning, cash management and philanthropy, including family foundation planning. Our view is that wealth management should be panoramic and integrated. Not fragmented.

Benefits of wealth management:

● Pursue life goals: Everyone has goals they want to work toward when it comes to their life and their wealth. Working with a wealth advisor can help you map out a plan to help you pursue those long-term goals while seeking to build and retain your wealth. A professional wealth manager will work with you over time, as your needs change and your life unfolds, putting all of the pieces of the financial picture together for you.

● Professional advice: Wealth managers bring experience from working with many clients and situations to help you develop and refine helping you work toward your goals so that you can then build out a strategy to help you to pursue those goals. Our aim is to have our clients looking to the future with anticipation. Not apprehension.

● Enhanced earnings and cash-flow: Working with a wealth manager can help you optimize cash flow and balances, earning versus spending. It will also help create a plan for saving and debt reduction as well as planning for the future.

● Tax planning: Taxes are complicated and ever changing. Working with a wealth manager, as well as your tax professional, can help with tax advantaged investing and may save you money in the future.

● Retirement planning: You’ve heard it time and time again, it is NEVER too early to start planning for retirement. Many of our clients are looking to achieve a work optional lifestyle. Others want a complete disconnect from the working world and want a worry-free retirement. Either way, as with most financial matters, retirement options can be confusing. Working with a wealth advisor can help you create and continue a retirement plan that will allow you to work toward your goals.

At Winthrop Wealth we want to give you the confidence that you are making financial decisions today that will have the greatest impact on your future goals. We are firm believers that we can create and deliver a comprehensive mix of services tailored to your specific needs to help you live life to the fullest.