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    At Winthrop, we’re always thinking about your big picture. Where do you want to go, and how can we create a roadmap that helps you get there? We believe that investment strategies are more likely to succeed when they’re driven by the overarching goals of your individual financial plan.

    By creating a complete picture of your unique goals, risk tolerance and return objectives, we can deliver a diversified asset allocation portfolio unique to you. It’s a bespoke approach that enables us to implement proactive, conservative, and risk-based investment strategies that always map back to your big picture objectives, so that you can live the life you want to live with confidence. Please remember that asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss. All investing involves risk which you should be prepared to bear.
    With an eye on long-term goals—not short term noise—we actively manage your portfolio to reflect the most current views of the Winthrop Wealth Investment Committee. The three key elements of our investment management process—portfolio risk management, asset allocation, and security selection—power this comprehensive, data-driven approach to navigating financial markets and driving sustainable growth. Please note that no strategy assures success or protects against loss.

    * Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

    Understand uncertainty, invest with confidence

    We believe a risk based-approach to financial planning and investment management is a critical part of achieving financial success—and financial independence. By blending your customized financial plan with a dynamic investment portfolio, we continue to monitor your progress toward long-term goals and objectives. Our risk budgeting process, combined with our cutting-edge technology, allows for a deep understanding of portfolio exposures through detailed scenario analyses and stress tests. By applying checkpoints, guardrails, and in-depth reviews, we help maintain your investment strategy that seeks to always align with your needs, even as they evolve through different stages of life.

    Focused on the long game

    We believe asset allocation is essential for driving performance. Through our proprietary asset allocation models, we adaptively allocate across regions, countries, factors, market caps, sectors, and industries, to tilt portfolios toward the areas with the most attractive risk-reward characteristics. The result is a globally diversified portfolio that is built to last and designed to seek consistent performance.*

    * Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

    Maximizing diversity, minimizing risk

    How do we create a portfolio that achieves our target exposures at the lowest possible cost? By offering a mix of securities that blends passive and active management to help minimize risk and seek to produce more consistent results. Our experienced team seeks to produce year-over-year returns for our clients while keeping average expense ratios low. And our fee-based approach means we develop portfolios uninfluenced by institutional proprietary products. Our responsibility is doing what’s right for you.*

    * There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform market risk.

    The Winthrop Wealth Investment Committee
    Investment professionals dedicated to excellence

    The Winthrop Wealth Investment Committee underscores our commitment to providing clients with investment management that puts their financial wellbeing first. Our eight member committee is chaired by Founding Partner Mark Winthrop, and is composed of our founding partners, senior leaders, and advisors that bring decades of experience and unique perspectives to the table. The Committee oversees all investment portfolio management activities and sets the framework for our firm’s overarching strategy—all guided by the core beliefs of our investment philosophy:

    • Be proactive
    • Be independent (we don’t push products)
    • Utilize the best of our data analysis capabilities and decades of experience to make decisions
    • Remain nimble in the face of a changing investment landscape.

    We believe successful portfolio management is dynamic and complex, but the Winthrop Wealth Investment Committee is always looking for ways to evolve and optimize our investment strategy—taking advantage of every opportunity we can in order to do what’s best for the people we serve.