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    A dynamic process, a wealth of experience

    You and your financial goals are one of a kind, which is why you need a strategy that’s built around you. No cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions here: At Winthrop, we’re not happy until we know you from every angle, because that’s how we develop a custom plan that helps mitigate risk and uncovers opportunity. Our time-honored process is how we get there.
    At Winthrop, our discovery never stops. These elements of our relationship with you are ongoing by design. It’s the continuation of this process throughout every stage of your wealth management journey—from changes to career and family structure to new financial goals—that helps ensure we’re making adjustments to our recommendations and strategies to meet you wherever you are along the way. Please note that no strategy assures success or protects against loss.


    Our Total Net Worth Approach

    We apply a Total Net Worth Approach to wealth management that combines both comprehensive financial planning and investment management. While financial planning and investment management can function successfully on their own, we believe the combination produces a whole greater than the sum of its parts.  We consider the client’s entire financial picture in the context of every recommendation or decision.



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    INTRODUCTION (Fit Meeting)
    Making sure we’re the right team

    First things first: What do you want from your future, and are we the team that can help you make it all real? Before we formalize our relationship, we’ll sit down with you to make sure our values and vision align. Because we know that relationships work when they’re built on honesty, trust, and mutual respect.

    Our technology
    Infrastructure that delivers real-world ROI

    Modern investment management is built on a foundation of rock-solid technology, and we’re committed to making ongoing investments in tools and infrastructure that help us deliver an innovative client experience. A range of leading finance, investment, and client management technology companies—from eMoney and Addepar to Salesforce—count on Winthrop to help pilot and test their new products, which means you’re always benefiting from the industry’s latest innovations. These technology partnerships bring us efficiencies, flexibility and early access to the latest innovations—all geared towards enhancing the experience for our clients.