An in-depth evaluation of available fee calculation and billing solutions on the
market showed Banchick that Smart Kx would be the best fit for Winthrop Wealth
and could accommodate and support their advisors’ practices.


The following article could be viewed as an endorsement of Winthrop Wealth (“WW”) by SmartKx. Here is some important information for you to understand about our relationship with SmartKx.

  • SmartKx is not a current client of WW. SmartKx is a provider of fee calculation and billing software to investment advisors and other financial professionals.
  • WW does not pay SmartKx to endorse or refer potential clients to WW for investment advisory services. However, WW does pay SmartKx a normal and customary annual subscription fee for the use of their software and certain associated persons of Winthrop Wealth have made a personal investment in SmartKx.
  • In addition, WW may refer other investment   advisors and financial professionals to SmartKx as potential subscribers. This cross-referral opportunity presents a conflict of interest in that SmartKx has a financial incentive to endorse WW in exchange for potential referrals.