Max Winthrop

Max Winthrop

Chief Executive Officer

Max Winthrop is the Chief Executive Officer at Winthrop Wealth. Max has consistently challenged the industry norms for wealth management providers, investing in creating a team-based wealth management experience that is complemented by a cutting-edge technology platform. He has over ten years of experience in the financial services and investment management industry. He is responsible for setting the firm’s strategy, broadening the service offering, and constantly working to enhance the client experience.


Max spearheaded the creation of the Winthrop Wealth Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in 2017, implementing a partnership structure, a scalable technology infrastructure, and built out an experienced team of professionals. Since the creation of the new RIA, Winthrop Wealth has grown its asset base of regulatory advisory assets and won numerous employer awards.


Max’s prior work experience with a Fortune 500 Financial Organization equipped him with a leadership/management skillset. He also spent time as an investment analyst structuring large, institutional, Regulation D private placements.


Max believes that the industry needs an injection of youth and is working towards extending services, previously reserved for only wealthy individuals, to the younger millennial generation.